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Recommended Study Materials

Journey Through the Workbook

Journey Through the Text

Journey Through the Manual

By Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.

Published by the Foundation for A Course In Miracles


Online learning aids, questions and Answers

Books/ Authors


Foundation for A course in Miracles


Foundation for Inner Peace


School for A Course In Miracles




Course In

Free, Searchable, Urtext Version

Chart & Notes

Christopher R. Scott 

A Course In Miracles In Sights: A Guide For The Visual Learner


Newest Release: Essential Theory Of A Course In Miracles: The Nature Of Mind And Its Laws


Michael Mirdad

Heart of a Course in Miracles: Understanding & Applying The 12 Primary Concepts Of The Course



David Hoffmeister 

Michael Mirdad

Jon Mundy

Gary Renard

Kenneth Wapnick

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